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August newsletter and specials delivery date Aug 4

Posted 7/29/2019 10:14pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Well it is shaping up to be an average year. Since Thanksgiving of 2018 it has been:



Extremely cold and snowy

Wet and cool

Now hot and dry.

Put it all together and it looks like an average year that we will never forget. The extremes when put together come out as average but it makes it hard on the farmer, the animals and the soil.

Some of the advantages our management has benefited us during the extremes are:

Less erosion, Less ponding of water, better water holding capacity, cover crops have grown really well with the rain and have been harvested as hay or seed for next year, are some of the many benefits I've seen.

So this year for sure has had many challenges but the system we are using has helped soften the blow of these extremes. We had hoped to offer some food from our extra big "garden" but we picked a new spot this year closer to the house but it has a lot of issues with excess water. As of right now we will probably only have potatoes to offer. We shall see right now we are learning not to count our chicks before they hatch when it come to gardening.

The delivery will be this Saturday August 3 in Elgin, Downer Grove and Arlington Heights. Please place your order on the website meadowhavenfarm.com 


1/2 pork is a great deal, lots of great pork for around $400 80-100 pounds in your freezer.

Pork sampler 4 pork chops, 4 shoulder steaks (Cherie's favorite), 4 pounds breakfast sausage, 2 pounds Italian links, 2 pounds Bratwurst, and one package of bacon. For $100 save $25

We look forward to seeing you. And as always we appreciate you, thank you for supporting our farm.

Jeremy, Cherie and family