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February 16th

Posted 2/8/2019 7:41pm by Jeremy House.


Just a quick update.

February 16th will be the next delivery as long as the weather permits. I have been thinking of shortening up the time we are at each delivery location. So for the Downers Grove the delivery time will be from 1:00 to 1:30 Let me know if this will be a problem and we can figure something out.

After December winter stopped goofing of and decided to let us have a good dose of what winter could be like. The town that the tv station is in set an all time low of -33. Then a few day later we had more mud than I care for, and now back to bitter cold and wind.

It makes life a challenge. It also makes the good days more special.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF