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April newsletter

Posted 4/4/2018 8:37am by Jeremy House.
Howdy from the farm,

Do you know what April showers bring? Time for the farmer to do his computer work. Like update the website inventories, calendar and writing the newsletter. I’m grumbling about it but it gets me indoors so…

We have officially started spring planting sowing oats, oats and peas and peas. Most will be for cover crops but some will be for seed for next year. It was nice to get in the tractor and get some work done in the fields. It is nice to have something growing and feeding soil life as well. Last fall the harvest was very drawn out and as soon as it was done winter came like 3 days after and the window was closed on field work and the growing season. One field of rye was planted and almost immediately it got cold, I figured that was a waste as it could never grow but this spring (I used that word loosely) the rye has grown enough that the field is already greening up. As soon as we get some warm sunny days that field and the ones planted this spring will really start growing well.

The reasons we do this even if the cover crop will not be harvested in anyway is: The cover crops protect the soils from wind, rain, and sun. The plants convert sunshine into sugars that are translocated down to the root zone and the life in the soil gets to wake up earlier than if it were waiting for the corn or beans to grow. The cover crops suppress weeds. When the cover crops are terminated the plant is worked into the soil and feeds the soil life and releases the nutrients back to the soil so it is readily available for the crop that will be harvested. The whole process is a way we can add “life” to the soil which really helps fix and restore mismanaged soils and helps the soils stay full of life.

When you eat food from Meadow Haven Farm this is what you are supporting and we appreciate you caring enough to make our farm part of your food choice. If you would like to place an order please do so on our website meadowhavenfarm.com and then go to the store tab and place your order.
Eggs are back in stock was a long winter for the hens and those that took care of them.
Beef has many specials this month
1/2 beef the price is $3.75 per pound based off the hanging weight plus about $275 processing. This come out to about $1400 for a half beef or about $7.50 per pound of meat then bones organs and fat are in addition to that.
Ground Beef ordered in 50 pound increments is $7 per pound. If you choose this just add a note in the note section as you check out.
NY strip steaks $16 per pound
Ribeye steaks $18 per pound
Pork Chops are still $8 per pound
Time to get the grill going.

Thank you for being a part of our farm,
Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF