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February newsletter

Posted 2/3/2018 8:27pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Grey days, although February is a short month I find myself looking to the horizon for spring.

Like this picture a little bit of light surrounded by grey. March will soon be here as will the mud that comes with. But, in March the daylight increases by 1 hour 24 minutes and the average daily high temperature increases 14 degrees. So there is light and there is hope but we have some plodding to do.

One upside is that I have my chores fairly consolidated so it is easier than past years to take care of the animals. So I have caught up on family time and rest. The downside is the paper work is trying to fill in the void. Things that need to be done but once they are done I haven't really achieved anything. So I have been trying to remind myself to get it done now while the days are grey rather than when the sun is shining and real work could be done rather than to meet some paperwork deadline.

I do temper some of the boring paper work with planning out the 2018 growing season. Figuring what crops will be planted in each field and then make a backup plan in the event the weather necessitates the first plan is changed.

Another upside is that the really hard cold should be behind us. There was a stretch tin he beginning of January that 10 out of 11 days had low temperatures below zero. The cold makes watering the animals much more of a challenge. The focus during that time is to maintain the animals rather than have them gain. During the extreme cold the hens were for the most part fine although many of the eggs frozen and cracked. Water was much more difficult as the water quickly froze as a result their production dropped. It has been coming back but that is always a slow process as all waiting is.

So it is with this time of year, in the grey days of winter looking off to the horizon to the promise of spring. The thought of green and new life can be what keeps us going but it is important to be thankful for all the blessing known or unrealized we have.

Changing gears a little bit if the thought of planning fields and green has turned your mind to gardening we will have more to offer in the area of soil fertility. We will still have azomite which is a mined volcanic ash that has been micronized and provides many (67) trace minerals to the soil. We also use it as a feed additive and I believe it adds to the flavor of our meat and eggs. This spring we will also offer fertilizers from a company Midwest Bio Ag they are approved for organic use. The founder of the company Gary Zimmer helped shape my thinking into the "organic mind" I now have.


Bloomington Normal will be 2-5 as a long as it doesn't snow too much

Quad Cities the store Healthy Harvest Urban Gardens is supplied with our meat and usually eggs. It is a neat store and a good place to support.

Elgin, Arlington Heights, Downers Grove will be on the 10th please have your orders in by WEDNESDAY as Cherie is going on a field trip with Elijah on Friday and any late orders will be put together by Jeremy which will probably get goofed up. We will be short on eggs again this month.

Chicago Primal Gym- the organic farming conference MOSES in LaCrosse Wi is 2/22-24 so the delivery will be one of the following days 2/19,  2/20, 3/1, 3/2 I will let you know when it will be.

We've lowed Prices on some more beef products but the best deal is the 1/2 beef so get your orders in soon.

Thanks for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF