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January Newsletter

Posted 1/10/2018 9:19am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Winter remembered how to get cold! It makes life on the farm challenging in new ways. As always the weather is very important to our everyday life here on the farm. I have recently asked some people would they take a job if the pay was based not only on performance but also if the weather was favorable?

Challenges the below zero weather brings are: frozen water and hoses, gates can be very hard to open if they are frozen to the ground, eggs freeze and crack, the extra time to bundle up and walk around wearing extra clothes, and starting loaders and vehicles. We have been able to manage fairly well from the farmer perspective. The animals for the most part have done quite well, although the goal moves more to maintaining rather than gaining weight.

I have updated the inventory on the website on our items, I know it is late. Eggs are limited due to production challenges. If you are wanting a case of eggs place your order and put in the notes that you want a case. The cases may be 10 dozen rather than 15 dozen so that everyone can get some. The price for the cases will be a little higher as we cover costs.

For beef I've lowered ground beef and stew meat and kept the roast price at $7.50. Also the price of half a beef is now $3.75 per pound of hanging weight plus processing. There is good supply but don't miss out on this deal. 

Place your order at meadowhavenfarm.com

One of our goals is to provide Great food at a price that is fair to you and us. As we change our marketing and spend less time away from the farm we can charge less for our products especially when the quantity stays the same or goes up. 

One of the balancing acts we are trying to figure out is eggs production. For the year we probably produced just over what our demand was for the year. But some months production was close to 150% and other 50%, so please be patient with us as we try to figure that out.

Thanks for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF