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Thanksgiving is at our door

Posted 11/4/2016 11:13am by Jeremy House.

Thanksgiving is at our door,

Last year literally this was the case as the turkeys free ranged into our yard. This year they are doing a good job staying in their pasture. Which continues to be very green and actually growing, due to the warmer than normal weather and rain.

If you haven't ordered a turkey and want one please order soon, as we already have stopped the ordering for the smallest size. We will likely run out of turkeys this year. 

Order from the STORE tab at the top of the website meadowhavenfarm.com

With the warm weather and rain the last few Wednesday's harvest of the black beans and corn still are yet to be completed. The weather looks nice for the coming next week so we should be able to wrap up soon. Then the growing season starts for the following year as we will apply chicken litter and other amendments to the soil, and in some of the fields we will be planting them just a day or two after harvest.

Here are some pictures of the newest farm we are transitioning to organic, a three year process. the first is a picture of worm castings (the perfect soil), the second is a pheasant, the third is a deer track.

Life begats life. We try to bring life to a farm and once it takes hold get out of the way, because nature and life know what they are doing better than we.

With Thanksgiving at our door i will take a moment to be thankful for my wife Cherie. She has supported me in many ways. More than carrying her share around the farm. She and Angie, her cousin, do many of the daily chores, put orders together, keep the farm picked up helping whenever asked. They are the reason you have Meadow Haven meat and eggs available for your family. And Cherie is the glue that keeps our family together.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Jeremy and Cheire and the rest of Meadow Haven Farm